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We at Del Duca Photography know that all moments of your wedding day matter deeply to you!  In fact, they matter deeply to us!  As visual artists, we plan, pose, shoot, and post produce to create and publish fine art photography!


We are blessed to have served more than 300 fantastic clients and visit so many memorable venues, taking more than 125K photos during these past 4 years!  This 2018, we will continue our evolution and mastery in digital artistry exceeding both our clients' and our own expectations!  


1.  We are rated by Pittsburgh wedding vendors, "Best I've Seen" for best wedding photography 2016 and are also recipients of the Wedding Wire Couples' Choice Award for 2016, 2017, and 2018, representative of the top 5% of wedding photographers NATIONALLY for excellence in quality, service, responsiveness, and professionalism!  We are O V E R J O Y E D to be featured in Beyond the Cookie Table (Spring 2017), Pittsburgh Magazine Weddings (Fall 2017), WHIRL Magazine (ongoing monthly assignments), GOAL Magazine (Winter 2018) and WHIRL Wedding Guide (Spring 2018)!


2.  We possess a passion for both formal and unique wedding themes and our photography style is ALWAYS client specific, expressive, and artistic, with an inordinate attention to detail!  We ensure that each client's vision is realized.  


3.  Our clients receive our TEAM of two professional and accomplished photographers.  We are a family business and feel extremely comfortable working together, each with specific strengths!  


4.  We welcome our clients to explore our CREATIVE and COMPREHENSIVE posing guide with 1000+ posing options!


5.  We are highly skilled in post-production and are able to enhance portraits with airbrush, blemish removal, teeth whitening, etc.  Also, we can augment portraits with any embellishment (fireworks, sparklers, skies, rain, snow, sun, poetry, frames, text, objects, etc.).  We wish to represent you reflectively in a way that is entirely and uniquely your vision.  


6.  Our exclusive online store offers hundreds of products including:  signature albums, frames, metals, luxe metals, canvas wraps, and exquisite gifts.


7.  Our DP Shop Wedding Registry allows friends, family, and guests to purchase gift certificates toward your printed products.


8.  All professional Nikon cameras, lenses, and backup photography equipment ensure that we are ALWAYS PREPARED.


9.  There is no charge for travel.  Our southeast of Pittsburgh location, (Sutersville, PA, Westmoreland County) is within a 45 minute drive of the Greater Pittsburgh area and a 30 minute drive from Greensburg. 


10.  Unlimited consultations


11.  24/7 Customer Service 



Additional Information

We are proud ALUMNA of Pittsburgh Filmmakers.  We have studied extensively in the areas of digital photography, photographic art, posing, and post-production.  We share a passion for God and exemplifying Christ in our work ethic!


We love spiritual, Christian art, especially the masters!  Likewise, we have a fondness for the eclectic, including the diverse genres of Peter Max, Robert Qualters, and Andy Warhol.  We consider it an honor and privilege to represent you and are confident that you will find our attention to your specific needs unmatched!  When we are not photographing, retouching or improving our skills with continuing education, we enjoy weekly church service and weekly volunteering as prayer partners for Cornerstone Television Network!  We are avid organic, whole food enthusiasts who love a myriad of recreational pursuits!


Choose Del Duca Photography for your fine art when every moment matters!